A DECADE AFTER 9-11: and still the criminals walk free

Officially, it's September 13, and I would have liked to publish on the day of the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, but SCNDRCLCK has been so busy as the summer is wrapping up, and when I took a gander at FaceCrack that morning, every bleedingheart hippie had mentioned 9-11 as the conspiracy-du jour, and somehow understanding what happened on September 11, 2001, became passe.  Next conspiracy theory, please......

SCNDRCLCK doesn't intend to be that dismissive of 9-11.  But I do wonder what shitstorm has to arise before people get pissed off...  Hence, I submit for the dumbing down of AmeriKKKa: the Zogby poll.  Let me preface this assraking with this theory: Polls create the very thing they are polling for [See: Schroedinger's Cat].  Polls also reaffirm the ego in its identity structure. [Somebody wants to know my opinion!  I'm important! I matter!].  Polls = Propaganda....

IBOPE Zogby 9-11 Anniversary Poll: Adults Split on Whether U.S. Now Safer; Intelligence Gets Credit For Stopping Attacks

58% Say 9-11 Attacks Have Been Fully Investigated

Gets credit?!  Let me sort this out....  Intelligence gets credit for stopping attacks [on homeland]... 58% say 9-11 Attacks have been fully investigated....  Pardon me, but when did the lexicon for discussing international affairs regress to junior high school?  Intelligence "gets credit"?  Fucking Awesome!  That means they can totally wank one like Waco and  not have to stay after school for detention...  They must have been doing their homework because Intelligence before 9-11 was beyond incompetent:


1998: Indonesia Gives US Warning of 9/11 Attack?

Remember that post-attack, all of the administration got up on the podium and declared that there was no way anyone could have seen this coming.  They claimed that no one could have imagined that hijacked airlines could be used as missiles, which was later found out to be another lie.  The morning of September 11, numerous war games were being run, some of them involving hijacked airlines.  Jane Garvey, then head of the FAA, testified that at one point it appeared that there were 22 separate hijackings.

More from the Zogby poll:

While 58% agree that the government and its commissions have fully investigated the 9-11 attacks, 33% disagree. Also, given a list of possible motivations for the 9-11 attacks, opposition to western culture and beliefs is the most popular response with 44%.

If one third of this poll disagrees with the government and its commissions, how many more percentile points before, ahem, someone's ass gets hung out to dry?  As aforementioned, I don't lend much credence to polls, it's like asking the child molester to babysit.  The mass media is corrupted from the gate.  Earlier, another poll's results stated that over half of New Yorkers believed that the government was complicit in the attacks.  Over half and they couldn't demand that the State reopen the case?  I know, I'm acting shocked, perhaps petulant....

Here's some straight dope about the Commission.   The original Chairman was Henry Kissinger!  The man who brought us dirty war after dirty war.  The families of the victims, outraged, demanded he resign due to conflicts of interest.  The executive director, Philip Zelikow, worked intimately on the Bush-Cheney transition team and co-authored a book Condoleeza Rice.  The Commission  was rigged from the inception, one of the Commissioners, Senator Max Leland, resigned stating that he wouldn't participate in stonewalling, and said that the Commission has been compromised.  Bush, Jr., promptly called him a coward for resigning.  Leland, a war veteran, lost both his legs and one arm in combat.

The accounts of investigations being blocked are too numerous to recount here but I will indulge one more...  If you can't catch the criminal red-handed, follow the money... The then-chief of Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence, General Mahmud Ahmad, was in Washington the morning of September 11, meeting with all the top brass, whom most initially denied.  He was having breakfast with then-Senator Bob Grahan and Representative Porter Goss, the then-respective Chairmen of the Intelligence Committees when the airliners were punching holes in the Twin Towers.  Ahmad's position at the ISI, by treaty with the U.S., has to be approved by the C.I.A., if that's any indication of how far he's all up in the Military Industrial Complex's—[long wolf-whistle]...

Ahmad, in the summer of 2001, had transferred $100,000 to the alleged lead hijacker, Mohammad Atta.  This has been confirmed by the FBI.  He quietly resigned after September 11 and stepped down from his puppet post.  He was not arraigned for financing 20% [according to the Commission's estimate of the 9-11 budget] of the attacks.

Jeezus, I better find some art to balance all this bummer....

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